Vision Statement

The Voice for Excellence in Canadian Critical Care Nursing

Mission Statement
The CACCN is a non-profit, specialty organization dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of patient and family centered care by meeting educational needs of critical care nurses.


  • Engages and empowers nurses through education and networking to advocate for the critical care nurse.
  • Develops current and evidence informed standards of critical care nursing practice.
  • Identifies professional and political issues and provides a strong unified national voice through our partnerships.
  • Facilitates learning opportunities to achieve Canadian Nurses Association’s certification in critical care

The National Board of Directors consists of seven (7) Directors:   

  • two (2) Directors from each of the three (3) Canadian regions, Eastern, Central and Western, and
  • one Director at Large (who may be from any of the three regions) elected by CACCN members.
  • The Board appoints four (4) of these Directors to positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Our eleven (11) Chapter Presidents report to a Board Director appointed as their Chapter Liaison.   

All memberships are collected nationally:

  • the annual fee is $75.00 (includes GST/HST) for a one year membership and
  • $140.00 (includes GST/HST) for a two year membership (a savings of $10.00).  
  • We also offer a student membership fee of $50.00 (includes GST/HST) per year. 
  • Membership Definitions

The membership fee includes a subscription to the only Canadian peer reviewed critical care nursing journal – Dynamics: The Journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses, as well as a copy of the CACCN Standards for Critical Care Nursing Practice.

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