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A community is described in a variety of ways, most often as it relates to a common geographic location but when searched on Google for a definition, it more broadly includes “people with a common background or with shared interests within society.” Further a “virtual community” is described as “a group of people with the same ideas and opinions on a website, communicating with each other via internet.” So…welcome to the community of CACCN on-line! As a professional practice critical care nursing interest group we certainly fit the description of “community.”

Over the last number of years CACCN has evolved in how we reach out to connect with members and how we connect members with each other.  The CACCN website not only has a wealth of information at your fingertips but it has also created opportunities to link with like-minded individuals across the country who share a passion for critical care nursing by the discussions made possible in the members-only area “Forum” to pose a practice question you may have or to share expertise that you have with others. The platform is there to use… and to borrow the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) Mary Stahl’s President’s theme this year; we will be “Together. Stronger. Bolder ” by finding meaningful ways to connect.

For anyone who uses social media tools like Facebook or LinkedIn or others, there is an appreciation of the on-line relationship you can develop with your “friends” and the ability to ask and receive “just-in-time” answers to questions or to share your experience, thoughts and feelings in a timely manner. And so it is with the discussion forums for members on the CACCN website. It is a much more private and focused place to pose the questions you have on practice issues or questions you may have and to find out what others are doing across the country or internationally. There is a great opportunity to use the resources of CACCN to harness the power and experience of 1200 critical care nurses by linking within the discussion forums.

For example in the Cardiovascular discussion forum, a question posted on April 20, 2012 by a member seeking information about ST Monitoring practice was replied to by Tannis S from Winnipeg who shared her practice from her area of the country. How helpful to know what is happening elsewhere when you want to know if your unit is up to date in the latest practices! Want to know more on cooling of patients? Then go look at how the discussion in the Neuro forum is evolving since Pam C first posed it when she asked about cooling beginning in the Emergency Department which then prompted Jennifer P who is from a rural community in BC to seek further information on current practice as it relates to pre-transfer to a tertiary care centre illustrating nicely that no matter where you live when best practices are needed for critical care, we all need to know what that is to get the best outcomes for the patients we care for. I initially answered both these members sharing my own experience from an acute care adult centre in Edmonton but I was so pleased to see that the information has recently been updated by VininderKour B who provides a succinct summary on the current research findings from post-cardiac arrest hypothermia. Thank you to all of you for “Speaking with Conviction” and posing the questions you have, because if you have them…so does someone else…and so does someone else have an answer or something to share. It is about giving and getting when we share within a community of practice on-line.

Kirk Dawe, the CACCN Director responsible for the website has posted in the “Miscellaneous” forum, asking for your assistance, input and thoughts on additional items you would like to see on the website.

If you have forgotten or misplaced your user name and password, use the Password Retrieval to have the information sent to your email address. If you have forgotten how to access the Members only area of our website, then contact Christine Halfkenny-Zellas at CACCN National office for assistance.

The National Board of Directors is committed to serving our community of critical care nurses and we need to hear from you to align the goals of the organization with your needs. 

Reach out to others with a question you may have. Reach out to others to share your experience and your practice. We are a community after all.

Yours truly in critical care nursing,

Teddie Tanguay


* CACCN National Office:  caccn@caccn.ca
* CACCN Members Only Password Retrieval: 
* CACCN Members Only Tutorial on Accessing the Forum
: http://www.caccn.ca/en/faq.html under Benefits of Membership




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