Speak with Conviction!

April once again signals a fresh beginning for the Board of Directors (BOD) for CACCN as new terms begin for some members.

I am very pleased to be assuming the role of President for the next two years and welcome two new members, Kirk Dawe from Newfoundland / Labrador and Barb Fagan from Nova Scotia. Unfortunately our third new board member, Lissa Currie from Manitoba regretfully informed us in February that she was unable to fulfill her BOD position starting April 1, 2012.   As a result the BOD has extended the term of current Board member Tricia Bray for one additional year (and we thank her for accepting this).  Elections for the position will be held in the fall.  The Board also said goodbye to Treasurer, Joanne Baird and President, Kate Mahon. Rounding out the current BOD is Karen Dryden-Palmer and Ruth Trinier from Toronto; Celine Pelletier from the North West Territories and me, from Edmonton.  Christine Halfkenny-Zellas remains as the Chief Operating Officer, working from our home office in London.

Building on past President Kate Mahon’s theme of “Find Your Voice” I would like to introduce you to my President’s theme for the two years of my term.  Now that we have found our voices at CACCN, I thought that it was very appropriate that we bring our voices up a notch and begin to “Speak with Conviction!“.

As critical care nurses we have so many stories to speak about.  Stories of caring, stories of personal courage…ours and our patients…and stories of the kind of knowledge, experience and skills we bring to patient care that keeps our patients safe and alive in the hour by hour, minute by minute care we provide in intensive care units across the country. The BOD feels strongly that it is in our ability to speak about what we do and the knowledge we possess that we can articulate the role that critical care nurses play in a balanced way – one that focuses both on care and cure.

As critical care nurses we are positioned to speak on many topics where we have the kind of knowledge and experience that provides a unique perspective on issues impacting patient care. If we don’t speak up, others will speak for us and their point of view is not always ours.

So as the new BOD has just finished up three days of planning in our first meeting in London, we have aligned the goals we have identified with this new theme.  You will see us speaking “into” issues where we believe the independent voice of critical care nurses should be heard.  Sometimes this will take courage, but only because we do not get enough practice in doing this, and not because we do not have enough to say.  If you feel there is an issue that the national board should be speaking to, then we want to hear from you.  We also encourage you to take every opportunity that you may have in your area of the country to find your voice and to “Speak with Conviction!“.

Teddie Tanguay
President – CACCN

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